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Razzamatazz Tahiti'05

The event' Razzamatazz Tahiti'05' with theme" Fire under the Ice" was attended by the who's who of the jewellery industry, press, stalwarts etc... Mr. Abdul Raheem, Consulate Gen. of Sri Lanka, Mrs. Tanzila Amin of Biman Bangladesh, Poonam Soni, Samrat & Shalini Zaveri,.Shashi and Anu Ranjan, Shaan, Darpan Gupta, Maryada Sharma, Bakul Mehta, Laxman Popley etc...

The winners of the final regional round in Indian Subcontinent were be awarded followed by fashion show and cocktails. The 10 winners (1st in each category) shall be qualified to participate in the international round (with 47 countries) at Venice, Italy in 2006.

The fashion show was choreographed by Shakir Shaikh and master of ceremonies, Hugo D'Souza shall entertain the crowd with their exquisite professionalism. The dress designers like Ruby Banerji displayed her marvelous ensemble of Saris collection, Neha Naggpal shall display her white collection symbolizing water, aqua blue collection by Dharmesh & Hitesh, aqua green and coral collection by Chirag.

This was an extraordinary and only of its type presentation in India, if not in the world. Very special dress made of Mother of Pearls of Tahiti by Ashok Advani, a unique furniture entrepreneur.

Source: By Kkomal Seth & Gautam Seth

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