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Miss India Germany 2003 | Premiere in Germany

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Look forward to performances by personalities and celebreties like Santripti Vellody (Miss India Worldwide 2002), Nova Krishnan (Miss India Dubai 2001 & ZeeTV Pantene Queen 2001) and the popular Indian entertainer Hugo D'Souza who will be your host of the evening.

The whole event will be broadcasted by ZEE TV EUROPE live.

Hugo D'Souza (Gastgeber) Hugo D'Souza ist der Gastgeber des Abends und durch die gesamte Veranstaltung führen. Er ist ein bekannter Entertainer, der bereits eine Vielzahl hochkarätiger Veranstaltungen in und außerhalb Indiens moderierte.

Santripti Vellody (Miss India Worldwide 2002) Die Gewinnerin der letzten Miss India Worldwide wird mit einem Gesangsauftritt ihr Können unter Beweis stellen.

Frankfurt. As had been announced a few days ago, the first-ever "Miss India Germany" pageant was held on Saturday August 30, 2003. The event was presented by Zee TV and organised by Modeschauen Events, which had a pioneering character. Ahead of the event readers had the possibility of advance online ticket booking and of winning tickets for the night. Accordingly large was the participation for which we would like to thank here.

After show master Hugo D'Souza, an eloquent moderator and entertainer from Bombay, had opened the evening, also finally the jury, which consisted of 5 members, was presented. Part of the evenings jury were Sudha Vijayaraghavan (master dancer and dance teacher), Aloke Raj (representative of the travel agency Travel House Frankfurt), Khatera Yusufi (Miss Afghanistan 2002), Soumya Phillip Datta and Sunita Gardner (Zee TV host).

Apart from show master Hugo D'Souza, who did not only lead through the entire evening, but with his jokes also ensured for a good mood, was one of the highs of the evening, apart from the contest, with surety the singing of Santripti Vellody and the dance of Nova Krishnan's (Miss Dubai 2001) to the music from the film "Devdas". Also Nova Krishnan and Hugo D'Souza did not get away without doing an interview with us.


"Interview with Hugo D'Souza"

The show master Hugo D'Souza led through the first-ever "Miss India Germany 2003" pageant. Hugo D'Souza, who has done many such pageant contests in the past, had been especially flown in for the event from Mumbai.

Our correspondent Arunava Chaudhuri was able to speak with Hugo D'Souza, "You've had a number of anecdotes and sort-of small stories tonight, which were very interesting and funny at times. Where do you get them from?"


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